Wine Tours

First wine was made in North America. Wineries in Texas began in the early 1660s and now, there are about 190 wineries and looking forward to be 400 wineries in the near future.

The Texas Hill Country is a very well-known place for  tourists as it is the wine center of the Lone Star State. There are three wine trails in the place – the Frederickburg Wine Road 290, the Driftwood Wine Trail and the Dripping Wine Trail. Each of these trails offers different experience. Not only on the wine tour but also an experience of the place itself.

In Frederickburg Wine Road 290, visitors can explore different wineries. In fact, it will take you for three or four days to visit all wineries because of its huge number. There are about 40 wine producers in the trail. It does not only offer you taste of the different wine but also give you education on how to make such tasty wines. The place Frederickburg is known as the heart of Texas wine country. It is features as one of the wine travel destinations in the world.

In Driftwood Wine Trail, you will have an opportunity to have a close and personal education with the folks who are producing the wine. In the trail, you will as well experience some awesome views. Meanwhile, the Dripping Wine Trail offers a lot of wine tasting and even give education about winery from winemakers.

Though the three have different styles in wine making and each have unique taste, without having a glass of these wines, your tour or visit to Texas is incomplete.