Texan Culture and Arts

There are typical culture in Texas different from many states in the US. Texas is really very different in their lifestyle among many people. This place is called the place of cowboys.

Literally they are called like that because they are horse riders, owning ranch as the source of income. Being a cowboy is already a culture that never vanishes from the state. This is why cowboy boots, belt and a cowboy hat are symbols of Texas.

No one doubts you are a Texan if you wear such clothing. In fact, it is very unique and cool to look at. They do not look bad because of their clothes, instead they look gorgeous and brave.

Although horse is the symbol of the country, no one goes to the city, school, airport riding a horse, they use cars. This is a misconception about Texans.

They have a culture of flying their flags and placing their flags anywhere wherever their is a space for it. This symbolizes their real and deep patriotism and nationalism.

In their culture, they have to friendly and hospitable, helping each other because this is absolutely the meaning of the name of their state. They are different from other states where individualism is rooted in them.

Texans have a culture of being industrious because that is what cowboy means to them, it is not just a person tendering a calf.

In their arts, we can see that music is their best artworks. They have a different music style from among the states in the United States. George Straight is the countries proud musician.