The True Meaning of Cowboy: Texan Perspective

Whenever we hear Texas, two words come to our mind, ‘The Cowboys’. People even connote their dressing style to cowboys. What is wrong with dressing like a cowboy? The typical dress code of a cowboy in Texas is big hat, boots, belt with the upper garment tucked in. It is already a notion around the world that when you wear like that, you are a cowboy. ‘I am not a cowboy but I dress like that, what’s wrong with wearing it? I like it anyway!’

To Texans, the definition of being  a cowboy is beyond the dress code or horse possession. Cowboy to them means sacrifice and industry. You are not determined as a cowboy by your clothing or your horse. They are proud when they are called cowboy. They love their culture so much that even if they are mocked because of their clothes, they would shout louder that they are cowboys. Women are not different. They also love to be called cowgirls even if they are not dressed in their cow garment.

It is not too much to say that when you sacrifice for your family and children, being responsible to raise them and regard them as the number 2 in your life, next to God, then you are called real cowboy. Even if you dress like a cowboy, if the spirit of love and sacrifice is not in you, then you will not be regarded as a cowboy nor a cowgirl. Let us all realize this.