Dallas: The Make up Capital of the World

Texas is regarded as a unique state in the United States and people smile when they hear about the country because they have this stereotype that man and women wear cowboy attire. Oh my! If so, let us talk about women in Texas. Did you know that Dallas is the ‘make up women capital of the world’? This is something shocking to women. Texans are not only ranch people, they also know many things more than others do. Take a look at how Texan women wear make up.

although there are numerous women in the world, Texan women spent millions for their make up. No one can imagine how they wear make up. It is very surprising that they beat Parisian Women whose land is ‘cosmetic capital of the world’. There is nothing to say about the them when it comes to wearing make up. They can not be compared to South Korean men and women too. Men in South Korea also wear make up and so South Korea is the capital of men wearing make-up.

Truly make up is the way men and women make themselves beautiful. Although beauty can cost us money, people do not hesitate to spend their money for the sake of beauty. It is not surprising that cosmetics somehow are booming business all over the world. For me, even if women just wear boots, big hats, and belt, they look gorgeous and beautiful. They are beautiful even if I see just see them wearing hat under the sun.