Your travel guide to the welcoming city of New York (Big Apple)

We also want to introduce to you our home city which is New York. It has its own characteristics that make it a living city full of million of visitors each year. Many people are drawn here because of the promise of hope and also of liberty. Many immigrants arrived here looking for that promise and hoping for its fulfillment. As the tower in France symbolizes something, the Tower of Libert stands high in New York to be the witness of the dream of freedom and liberty.

The video above is a very good one that promotes about New York so you can also know about it. Many people know about the United States of America but there are details that are not known. The city of New York is one of them. When you visit New York you will find that it is easy to move from one place to no other because of the available transportation. You can even walk by foot if you prefer and see much of the city and conduct this agency tour to help you 台胞證辦理. This city is also known as Big Apple because of the influence during its promotion before.

Watched the video and you will surely dream to also travel here. The places you can visit are presented and they are the ones famous for tourists.  We hope that you can feel how this city welcomes anyone as it welcomed many immigrants of different nationalities with this agency help 台胞證照片. They are now part of this good and diversified society but with one hope of good life.