Welcome to Frederickburg, Texas!

Welcome to Frederickburg, of the Texas Hill Country. This is a dream place to stay! Experience the beauty of the place and get to know the free things you can do, the food you can eat and the lifestyle you can enjoy. Frederickburg has been the heart of Texas for over a hundred years. What makes it so lovely and wonderful place?

Frederickburg is a peaceful place. A perfect vacation place especially when aiming to relieve stresses of this world. Enjoy outdoor fun in the enchanted rock state natural area, playing challenging golf and scenic cycling. Do not forget to bring a camera with you. You will definitely regret not to take photos of the place. Did you know that the largest wildseed farm of the country is found in Frederickburg? You can enjoy the beautiful scenes of the spring wild flowers and have a bountiful picked peaches as well.

Shifting from attractive places and recreational places to the country’s cuisine, expect mouthwatering gourmet. Other than that, Frederickburg provides a walkable shopping haven. Inside are sophisticated fashion, unique gifts and home decors.

From traditional to modern, inspiring art galleries are displayed in the historical treasures national museum. The pioneer museum and sauer-beckmann portrays a living history farm.

Texas is known for its country songs, people with big hats, boots and some even riding on the horses. In Frederickburg, you can listen to live Texas music and have a dance performance with it. Visiting the place, you may also like the hill country film festival such as a festival held at every fourth of July and an annual Oktoberfest also.